Thursday, December 9, 2010

Download Game Iris Online OCBT2 Free

Iris Online Closed Beta Test 2 will be coming in a few weeks.  If you haven't heard about this wonderful game then you must not be a Luna Online fan.  This is a Open Closed Beta Test so if you make an account and download the new client, you will be able to participate in CBT2.  You can check out the Full CBT2 schedule below if you are interested in playing it, along with all the necessary links you need to find out more information about this game.

I managed to take a couple screenshots and videos from CBT1 if you are interested in seeing what kind of game it is.  However keep in mind that contents in this preview were from CBT1 and a lot of content may have changed.  There is also a guide in the Forums on how to register for this game, if it is not outdated from previous CBT1. Download Game Iris Online OCBT2 Free click here

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