Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Free Download SPSS 16

SPSS is a tool which is used to analyze data easily and to calculate some numbers fatsly. SPSS version 16 is new program. Program SPSS can assist you in your research because you can uses effectively time. SPSS is a product which is developed by social scientists because they face difficult in calculating mathematics. Using the SPSS you can do your duty fastly.

In this tool of SPSS, it contains some equations of the statistics for example regression and correlation. You only need enter your data in the SPSS and you can organize your data, and then you can find your result. However, software of SPSS can't be downloaded free in some websites. It is a problem for you. However, this blog give solution for you to assist your assignment. This blog provide the SPSS version 16 for free, so you can download free in this blog. If you want to download the SPSS, you can Click Here. Don't forgent to enter the pasword if you want to install the SPSS in you computer. The pasword is taqorrubcakep. Size of this software is 200 Mb.

Update 1 Juni 2013
Link download sudah berfungsi kembali. Terimakasih banyak atas perhatian dan pengertiannya.

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