Thursday, January 24, 2013

Free Download: Coordinate Transformer (TransKoord)

Coordinate Transformer is a tool which is generally used to transform Geographic coordinate system into Universal Transferse Mercator (UTM) coordinate system or UTM coordinate system into Geographic coordinate system. Generally coordinate system which is often used to bulid some maps is UTM and Geographic coordinate. Usually UTM coordinate is used to build detail map and Geographic coordinate is used to build general map.

This tool is so useful to assist us effectively to change the coordinate system easily. We need only enter the coordinate in tool of the Coordinate Transformer, and then you must choose option in the tool, and you will obtain their results. The Coordinate Transformer is produced by National Agency for Surveying and Mapping (BAKOSURTANAL) Indonesia.

To use the Coordinate Transformer doesn't need to install the software, but you only need click TransKoord icon in the software. And then you can use the Coordinate Transformer. The Coordinate Transformer is often called "Transformasi Koordinat or TransKoord". If you don't have the tool, you can obtain free in this blog. Because the tool is given free by BAKOSURTANAL, you can get it. You can download here. Click Here.

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